We thoroughly control the entire process

The quality in the development of the Product

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We analyze the potential risks to define the most appropriate validation criteria.

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Before authorizing any start of production and the introduction in our catalog, we require the approval of samples.

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Once produced in series, the first samples are carefully controlled following defined and agreed criteria.

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We maintain a high level of control to ensure the stability of the processes.

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We follow a specific sampling system for the products in the catalog, in which the size and controls to be carried out vary depending on the type of piece or the feedback from our customers.

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In 2019 the company certified all its quality standards / processes through the TUV RHEINLAND company and acquired the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.


Casals Forms

Form Warranty, Form Specific Gas spring

Provider Certificates

Certificate ISO Steering rods and Ball joints, Certificate ISO Air suspension, Certificate ISO Shock Absorbers, Certificate ISO Horns and transfer pumps