Who are we

We are a firm with more than 70 years of history.

We're specialized in the commercialization of spare parts for industrial vehicles (trucks, buses and vans).

A long and fruitful path proves the solid character of this, Barcelona based, family business. It was back in January 1954 when Joan Casals Cohí founded the company. Starting from scratch, he specialized in the manufacturing of compressor valves, pin clutches and brake membranes. Times were certainly not easy, but his tenacity and optimism helped him prosper and gain a foothold in the market. In 1978, after his sudden death, his wife, María Claustre Llorens, took a step forward and got hold of the company’s management. Now a day, it is Francesc Casals LLorens, who as CEO of the company, is in charge of the whole organization. Vehicles, markets and clients have definitely changed a great deal since those first days when Joan Casals Cohí founded the company.

Nonetheless, CASALS MATERIAL INDUSTRIAL has always managed to be in the forefront: offering highly competitive prices with very demanding quality and service standards. August 1998, the firm’s headquarters were relocated from calle Alcalá de Guadaira to numbers 25-31 of calle Cusco. Thus increasing its useful surface, jumping from the former 1,200 square meters to the present 10,000 square meters warehouse.

The spirit of innovation that has always characterized the company causes its growth to increase as time goes by.

Now a day, the firm has over 20,000 references across different catalogues.

The quick adaptation to the new demands of national and international markets has been a key point in offering maximum reliability to its customers.

The two main aims of the company are both the quality and the service of the products. Moreover, the firm provides its customers with experience and professionalism, thus being able to quickly satisfy their demands. It is due to this fact that the company has a large goodwill, both national and international.

Our story starts here


As a family business, compromised with its tradition and directed by its owners, we act facing the future, having always in mind the existing markets. Making use of our experience and knowledge to position ourselves in new ones.

It is by means of our entrepreneur attitude, proactive thinking and the continuous improvement of our procedures, that we create added value for our customers and hence secure our long-term mutual success.


Our (mission) is to convert ourselves into a company where the total compromise with the client, our alliances, and the agility in all our procedures, will make us a company of reference in our sector.

To consolidate our presence throughout the national territory, fomenting the continuous growth and diversification of each one of our developing sectors, leaning in our organizational structure, which is based in a system of continuous improvement and with a high degree of commitment to our employees.

Our values


In our products, procedures and services provided to our customers and consumers.


Knowledge of our clients in order to guarantee their satisfaction.


As part of the Company’s and our team’s DNA.


Because the best way to lead the future is anticipating to it.


Growth, innovation and expansion based on the quality that characterizes us.


Loyalty as a fundamental foundation of our relationships with the people around us.

Cost effectiveness

As the guarantee of our development, evolution, consolidation and growth.


The family culture of the Company, transmitted through generations, plays a big role in the essence of our ways of acting.

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Warehouse area
Our headquarters, located in Barcelona, have over 10,000 square meters of warehouse.

It is in this space where the different departments that make up our business structure are located; being all of them technologically communicated among them, achieving high speed in commercial, technical and logistics management.